Red wine - Le Boisé 2008

Le Boisé 2008 Domaine du Ry d'Argent

Vin de pays des jardins de Wallonie

The CABERNET JURA with its woody notes stands out through its roundness on the palate and elegant nose.

The initial nose is sweet, with notes of black fruits. On aeration the nose becomes more generous, bringing to mind wet earth, undergrowth, damp wood and mushrooms, relieved by a few spicy notes.

The attack on the palate reveals itself as refined, of attractive fullness of body, followed by a light body in mid-palate, offering spicy and mineral notes. The finish is prolonged by an underlying acidity.

Excellent with red meats and cheeses of character.
Service temperature: 16° C.


Made in Belgium - Domaine du Ry d'Argent, Namur