Baele in Bovesse: a new lease of life for the family farm

Jean-François, a young farmer, dreams of making a living one day from his wine-making, while "innovating new wines, in an environmentally friendly manner... to amaze people and change the way that wine has been made for thousands of years..."

In 2005, he planted a hectare of solaris grape vines. The first wine production, in 2006, was promising... Since then, the 2009 vintage was particularly outstanding. “The white has already reached 14.5° alcohol content, naturally. A fine aperitif”.



Watch the video in French - Vers l'Avenir - (02:37 min in het FR)


Moving from traditional farming to wine was a minor revolution

One day turning their milk into wine was the feat achieved by the Baele family in Bovesse, who decided to leave the Walloon traditional farming sector.